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Kyrion Robotics Club sole aim is to motivate students to come forward and show the enthusiasm and zeal in Robotics and Embedded Systems, and make it popular in our country. Kyrion Robotics Club, a venture of Kyrion Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a Robotics and Industry solution provider. The prime focus is on practical training by making them available:

The nature of your work can be divided into two domains largely:

Kyrion Robotics Club Research and Development Centre

Kyrion Robotics Club Research and Development Centre is the place where you can hope to see your fantasies taking shape. Here, you get a chance to lay your hands at the cutting edge technologies. Here ideas grow into products, which are capable enough to bring about the revolution world wide.

Presently, Kyrion Robotics Club is focusing its resources in the following realms:

Kyrion Robotics Club Knowledge Centre

Kyrion Robotics Club Research and Embedded Systems Automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI), which is largely career oriented. To accomplish this endeavor, there is a constant strife to come up with interactive and interesting teaching practices. We incorporate necessary industry training modules to complement the present theoretical knowledge so as well equip the students to meet the real industrial world with full zeal and courage.

The points of attraction of Kyrion Robotics Club Knowledge Centre:

Enthusiastic and passionate people about robotics, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Embedded Systems are what we are eyeing for. To grab a job at Kyrion Robotics Club, excellent technical knowledge, leadership qualities, determination and extraordinary communication skills are the must.

Kyrion Robotics Club Business Development

Kyrion Robotics Club aspires to make every possible effort to impart both basic and integrated knowledge at both the school and college level. If you are enthusiastic and have flair of good conversational skills, then Kyrion robotics Club is the place for you.

Here, is your chance to go and meet the concerned authorities at the esteemed institutions and convince them to conduct a workshop in their respective institutions on current topics of Robotics and Embedded Systems.

At Kyrion Robotics Club, you are sure to find an energetic environment, which facilitates easy learning and help you grow and groom better. The obsession and zest are our guiding principles. Our team welcomes anybody and everybody who has in them to work in a challenging environment and have a quest for knowledge of robotics and embedded systems. If you think you, have got it in yourself contact us at, with your resume and your preference in the career interests mentioned clearly.

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