The Loophole - Ethical Hacking Workshop is a two days workshop which has revolutionised the way ethical hacking was percieved by students. It is our most popular project that caters to the maximum number of students and has won laurals for its innovative approach from the industry heads.

Kyrion was the first company which introduced the trend of Ethical Hacking Workshop in India with the brand "Loophole". Similar workshop has been conducted in more than 500 engineering colleges and 100 schools so far and is expanding and covering more and more with time.

Loophole Workshop has been designed by Experts from Kyrion Digital Securities in synchronization with top securities experts of India and professors of top colleges of India.

Overview of the Workshop

The Kyrion's Loophole Ethical Hacking Workshop trains you in every domain related to Cyber Security. However, we do everything - Ethically!!! To be an Ethical Hacker, it is important to think like them! We train you to coordinate various different internet service providers and exploit their weakness to meet your own ends.

The focus of the workshop is to teach you how to protect yourself from the menace of hacking. During the workshop, the primary aim is to introduce you to the current popular attacks and explain the techniques to counter them. Don't worry, it would not be a "scriptkiddie" material, it will cover concepts and working of the Attacks. Development of your own tools and Scripts will also be covered.

The other focus of the workshop is to enable you to build up future systems. It includes making you aware of the current shortcomings which give rise to bad security systems. As it is a vast topic, we will be giving an overview of what constitutes an 'ideal secure system'. This course would equip students to counter the potential attacks. Also, the aim would be to impart technical know-how of how to make the Internet transactions safe and secure. This would be a founding stone for India to emerge as a Super Power in times to come.

Loophole - Ethical Hacking Workshop Curriculum (Detailed Module)

Kyrion Ethical Hacking Workshop Details


After the Workshop:


Course Duration:

16 hours (Will be covered in 2 days, 8 hours daily)

Workshop Charges:

Rs 1,200/- per student

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Organizing a Loophole workshop is game of only three steps:

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