"Xploit - The Next Level" Workshop


After a huge success and motivating feedback for "Loophole - Ethical Hacking Workshop", Kyrion is motivated to introduce "Xploit - The Next Level" Workshop.

Xploit Workshop has been specially designed for the students who are really keen to move a step ahead. The module has been carefully drafted by the Core Hackers of Kyrion Digital Securities in synchronization with top securities experts of India and professors of top colleges of India.

Overview of the Workshop

"Xploit - The Next Level" Workshop will is sure to show you the path that will take you ahead in the field of Ethical Hacking & Information Security.

This two days workshop will cover important nuances like Windows Buffer Overflow Exploitation, WPA & WPA2 Cracking, Creating Rouge Access Point, Linux Root Password Cracking, Creating Viruses for Linux Based Systems, Man In The Middle Attacks, DNS Poisoning, Web Application Brute Forcing, and many more such challenging and interesting topics.

Join us to explore the unexplored aspects of Hacking & Exploitation:

Xploit - Next Level Hacking Workshop Curriculum (Detailed Module)

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